10 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2023

10 Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2023


Traders want to invest in Bitcoin, but the highly volatile nature of the crypto space makes it difficult for them to invest in it without any loss. There are several ways where they can buy Bitcoins without any loss.

Traders are awarded multiple sign-up bonuses, applications, and rewards to get their hands on the Bitcoin stack. In this article, we will learn multiple ways to buy Bitcoin with minimal loss and safe investments.

Top Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

There are several methods explained that might help investors in buying Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Applications

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Traders can download Bitcoin applications from the application store. When anyone shops online through the application, they are rewarded with a cashback reward. Users can stack the 25% reward through the app if they pay via credit or debit card. In addition, it also offers rewards to the users who invite their community to use the application.

Users can use any lightning wallet to withdraw the Bitcoins earned through the applications. Moreover, other applications, such as PayPal, Venmo, etc., can also withdraw Bitcoins.


sMiles application is integrated with the Healthkit or Apple watch and allows the users to earn tokens for multiple daily activities such as walking, playing games, shopping, etc. It also rewards the users with Bitcoins for carrying out daily chores.

In addition, users can also earn coins by taking daily surveys or spinning the wheels twice. Users can spend these bitcoins at the sMiles store or withdraw them through a lightning wallet.


Fold application allows users to earn bitcoins after spinning a daily wheel. Users can earn deals and other rewards through the spin wheel. Users can also get 1% on every purchase through the fold card. Users can also earn 20% cash back through a Lightning application.


This application merges the investors and the customers to form a community. It helps businesses to use Bitcoin after converting it into local currency and make payments. Oshi offers earning methods through making promotions and business purchases.

Earn Carrot

This application rewards free bitcoins to the users if they read different articles about Bitcoin. Brands offer direct bitcoin to the users if they promote their content on Earn Carrot. However, users must own a wallet compatible with Lightning to withdraw coins.

Interest Accounts

Users can deposit their coins in the interest-bearing accounts and earn passive income. The interest rates in bitcoin companies are higher than the usual saving companies. However, users should stay alert as certain risks are involved, too.

Making poor decisions can lead to significant losses or insolvent conditions. However, the higher yield attracts the users to invest their earnings despite the significant risk factors.

Referral Codes

Many applications running on Bitcoins offer referral codes to the users. Users can access the referral codes through multiple YouTube channels where the influencers share the code in their videos and blogs.


Bitcoin operates on a Proof of Consensus mechanism; therefore, users cannot stake them and earn additional rewards. However, other crypto assets using proof of stake can be used for this purpose and converted to bitcoins later.

Learn and Earn

Many large companies offer to learn and earn courses for beginners in the crypto space. These companies allow users to earn bitcoins by watching multiple videos. In addition, platforms like Binance offer users the to earn bitcoin through learning lessons and taking multiple courses.

Cloud Mining

Different mining companies offer cloud mining to earn bitcoins. Users can lend their mining rigs and earn benefits through it. This eliminates the need for large mining machines and the cost required to maintain them.


Many websites allow the user to earn free bitcoins through different methods without spending any money or wasting time. Users can use their cards, watch videos, play games, spin wheels, complete surveys, or participate in trading competitions to earn bitcoins.

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