Crypto Exchange Coinbase Owns 5% of All Bitcoin (BTC)

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Owns 5% of All Bitcoin (BTC)

Arkham Intelligence Report

Coinbase’s Bitcoin reserves have now grown to $25 billion. However, the amount of Bitcoin present in the commercial wallets on its exchange platform is valued at $200 million only. Arkham Intelligence claimed that Coinbase holds around 1 million Bitcoin units in the trading platform wallets.

At the current price, the total value of the trading platform’s BTC reserves is valued at $25 billion. The number issued by the analytics firm is around 947,755 Bitcoin units. Meanwhile, the total circulatory supply of Bitcoin is 19 million coins as per CoinGecko.

At its current acquisition state, Coinbase now owns 5% of the total BTC supply. Arkham Intelligence revealed that it has tracked 36 million BTC addresses that are under the use of Coinbase. The cold wallet account of the listed exchange has 10K BTC units.

Meanwhile, the financial reports issued by the analytics firm projected that the company has more Bitcoins that are not labeled or revealed thus far. Coinbase has around $25 billion in Bitcoin but it only 10K units are stored in the exchange wallets valued at $200 million as per the latest data projections.

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Coinbase’s Massive Bitcoin Reserves

The news about Coinbase Bitcoin reserves is making rounds on the social media. Some investors have regarded it as a negative sign maintaining that it indicates a good time to withdraw their Bitcoin holdings from the exchange.

These investors have cited concerns over possible halting of withdrawals from Coinbase. On the other hand, there are some investors who believe that there is no safe alternative to store their Bitcoin purchases on account of the issues concerning cold wallets.

On the other hand, MicroStrategy continues to lead the way among traditional enterprises with the biggest Bitcoin reserves. The business intelligence firm shared its earnings report on 1st August. Co-founder Saylor claimed that at present the firm owns around 152,800 Bitcoins that are valued at $4 billion at press time.

The executive has played an important role in advocating for commercial adoption of Bitcoin. In the same vein, a paper published by Institute of Risk Management (IRM) has shared some advantages of Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Mining to Reduce Carbon Emissions by 8%

Dylan Campbell and Alexander Larsen, working for IRM Energy and Renewable Group have jointly published a report about Bitcoin mining energy usage. The report suggests that Bitcoin has been regarded for its massive energy consumption. In the report, analysts talked about the alternative energy sources generated from sustainable and renewable means.

This report reflected the efficiency of Bitcoin mining that can have a significant impact on energy sector. The projections in the report suggest that Bitcoin mining can contribute to the reduction of 8% of worldwide carbon emissions by 2030.

The paper claimed that Bitcoin miners can achieve the feat by recycling the methane emission waste and convert them into less harmful byproducts. A case study cited in the paper describes how Bitcoin miners can reduce release of harmful methane into the atmosphere.

At the same time, the report also talked about the energy contributions of Bitcoin miners through electric grid management and utilizing greenhouse thermal conductivity.

The report also claimed that Bitcoin largely depends on electricity but it is not a big contributor of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. The report concluded that Bitcoin assures a cleaner and energy-abundant future.

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