Google Takes Legal Action Against Scammers Over Creation of Fake AI Chatbot Bard

Google Takes Legal Action Against Scammers Over Creation of Fake AI Chatbot Bard

Google has taken legal action against three unknown hackers, known only as “DOES 1-3,” for planning a scheme using a fake version of its AI robot Bard. The case, which was filed on November 13, says that these con artists made fake ads that said they had updates for Google’s AI robot Bard.

Users who clicked on these fake ads didn’t know that getting the fake updates actually installed harmful software on their computers.

Allegations Against Scammers

Google argues that the fraudsters took use of its trademarks, such as “Google,” “Google AI,” and “Bard,” in order to fool unsuspecting users into downloading malware onto their computers.

Con artists employed methods such as the creation of fraudulent social media sites and content that made use of trademarked keywords in order to present an image that was comparable to that of actual Google products.

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The users were deceived by promises to download free versions of Bard and other AI applications, which ultimately resulted in the unintended installation of malware via the URLs that were given.

Violation of Client Privacy

According to Google, the dangerous software was created with the purpose of getting access to and abusing the login credentials of users of social media, with a particular focus on businesses and advertising. This information was specifically targeted by the malware. And since it’s a huge breach in client privacy and confidentiality, Google has taken this case to the court.

In an effort to obtain compensation for the damages it has incurred, Google has requested that the court approve a number of different remedial steps.

These measures include monetary damages, the fees of attorneys, permanent injunctive relief, any profits gained by the fraudsters, an all-encompassing restraining order, and any other remedies that the court deems appropriate.

This lawsuit is happening at a time when demand for services that use artificial intelligence (AI) is growing quickly. There has been a big growth in all kinds of artificial intelligence services, making them easier to get and more popular with users. One example of this is the widespread use of robot platforms.

To give you an example, Google’s Bard bot gets about 49.7 million unique visitors every month, which shows how famous it is. This huge number shows how deeply AI technologies have affected the digital world we live in now.

However, what should be noted is that this huge change has not only changed how people use technology, but it has also caused businesses that are working on AI technology to face more and more legal problems.

As AI services, such as chatbots, become more integral to many organizations and user experiences, the governing frameworks around them become increasingly complex.

Rapid Evolution of AI Services

In this context, major players in the tech industry, such as OpenAI, Google, and Meta (parent company of Facebook and Instagram), find themselves navigating a challenging terrain where legal actions intersect with the rapid evolution and widespread integration of AI services.

Eight people filed a class-action lawsuit against Google in July, saying that the company violated their privacy and property rights by changing its privacy policy to allow data scraping for AI training.

These examples give insight into the tough legal environment that surrounds the efforts of large technical enterprises to create and implement artificial intelligence systems.

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