What is Grid Trading and Why Is It So Popular?

What is Grid Trading and Why Is It So Popular?


Crypto trading is getting hype among the traders in the crypto world. This strategy is helping the traders to benefit from the market volatility due to differences in the time frames.

This method helps place multiple orders simultaneously above and below the market price. It helps the trader benefit from minor fluctuations in the trading prices.

In this guide article, we will learn about grid trading and how to apply it in the crypto market.

Understanding Grid Trading

Many seasoned traders depend on crypto price charts to be at par with the price swings. Grid trading is a quantitative method that helps them trade crypto assets in the range set by different traders.

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It helps gain benefits from both the upward and the downward movement of prices. It helps in the creation of a specific grid that will help in the calculation of profitable buy and sell opportunities.

Working of Grid Trading Bot

Grid trading bots are in-built algorithms that help traders benefit from price fluctuations. The trader defines an upper and lower limit to automate the crypto trading.

Then, it divides the range into upper and lower price limits. The parameters that are set might change depending on the risks involved and the investment goals set by the traders.

Why is Grid Trading So Popular in the Crypto Space?

Grid trading helps traders execute multiple trading strategies within all buy and sell orders. This method helps the traders benefit from market price swings without constantly monitoring the market movements and making informed decisions.

In addition, it limits the amount of money a trader might lose, reducing the risk in crypto trading. Traders can also use leveraged products during grid trading while minimizing the risk of trading highly leveraged products. Grid trading saves time and energy through quick crypto transactions.

Setting Up Grid Trading Strategy

In order to set a grid trading strategy, traders have to set a range of buy and sell orders at different intervals before and after the actual trading price. Therefore, traders can earn capital through both increasing and decreasing market values.

The platforms used for grid trading have a user-friendly interface where the users can use the tools efficiently.

Multiple platforms are available for the users, including 3Commas, Bitsgap, and Crypto Hopper. These platforms allow traders access to multiple technical features and comprehensive trading tools.

Types of Grid Trading

Grids can be applied in the crypto space in two ways: modified trading grids and pure trading grids.

Pure Trading Grids

In this technique, traders can set buy and sell orders without considering the range and direction of prices in a short period. It helps the traders to benefit from small time intervals and minimal price movements.

Modified Trading Grids

This trading technique works according to the present market direction. The bot will buy orders if the market is moving upward and sell them if the direction goes opposite.

Depending on traders’ preferences and techniques, these strategies are of prime importance. The grid trading strategy functions accordingly as the state of the market changes.

Is Grid Trading Beneficial?

If the traders create the grids carefully and make informed decisions, grid trading could provide several benefits. Grid trading and levels are necessary to set a grid trading bot. However, specific other parameters could be set according to market conditions.

Stop Loss Price

At this level, the trading bot closes all trading positions to avoid any loss in trade. The trading grid no longer functions when the price hits a certain level.

Take Profit Price

The market price reaches the profit price when it crosses the upper price limit and trigger price.

Trigger Price

This price is set initially before starting the trading operations.


Grid trading is a valuable crypto technique that assists traders in earning good profits in highly volatile crypto markets. It allows the traders to earn irrespective of the market directions.

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