What is Liquid Staking? A Comprehensive Guide

What is Liquid Staking? A Comprehensive Guide


Today’s most significant challenge traders face is the illiquidity in the crypto market while staking on the Proof of Stake blockchains. Users cannot earn passive income or access funds once locked using DeFi protocols.

Liquid staking provides them the opportunity to earn rewards and coins. In this guide article, we will learn how liquid staking is helping traders earn multiple rewards in the crypto space.

Understanding Liquid Staking

Staking refers to locking up one’s assets for a definite period and earning yields in return. However, the users cannot access their assets in the defined period. This issue is now addressed by liquid staking.

It helps users get a tokenized version of their locked assets to use further. It helps them earn additional yields and rewards on different decentralized finance protocols through loans.

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How Does It Work?

Liquid staking is a renowned method to earn additional income through crypto assets. However, the user should own a wallet for initiating liquid staking. The next step is adding funds and starting the staking process.

For this purpose, the user has to look for a staking pool to earn yields. The staking pool to be chosen should be reliable.

In addition, the pool should be compatible with the wallet and offer suitable rewards to the owner. Users can initiate liquid staking after finding a suitable staking pool and wallet.

Benefits of Liquid Staking

Liquid staking helps the traders earn passive income. The owner can keep his currency in the wallet and earn additional income. Therefore, he will still receive the reward if he withdraws the coins. Therefore, the coins can be used whenever the user wants, making it more beneficial than ordinary staking.

Yield Farming

Liquid staking can be used to unlock the coins and use them on several decentralized finance platforms for yield farming. It results in more rewards for the users.

Unlocked Liquidity

Owners can use the liquid staking tokens as collateral. Therefore, the liquid staking process does not lock the tokens, which can be utilized anytime.

Crypto-Backed Loans

If the investors get their funds locked, they can get crypto-backed loans in exchange for the crypto assets. This process gets them and easier access to their assets.

Drawbacks of Liquid Staking

A few cons of liquid staking are discussed below.

  • Risks Involved in Smart Contracts

Smart contracts always involve the risk of malware attacks or other illicit activities, and liquid staking depends on smart contracts.

  • Technicalities Involved

Anyone without experience in decentralized finance might find it challenging to engage in liquid staking as it involves multiple technicalities and complicated concepts.

  • Depegging in Prices

The tokens in liquid staking are not pegged to the underlying asset; therefore, the token’s price might decline in case of price swings in the volatile crypto market.

Kinds of Rewards in Liquid Staking

Liquid staking involves different rewards and yields for the traders.

  • Consistent Rewards

Owners can receive this reward at fixed time intervals. The owner receives the coin reward for each block he mines. It does not depend on the total number of participants using the network.

  • Passive Income

When the coins are stored in the wallet, the owner will receive a certain income for simply storing them there.

  • Variable Rewards

This reward changes with the number of participants in the network. It means the total number involved decides the rewards that will be received. 

Difference Between Liquid Staking and Standard Staking

While using the liquid staking method, users do not need to wait to start receiving rewards as in standard staking. They can immediately get it as they fund their accounts, making it faster and more convenient. On the other hand, conventional staking is a time-consuming process.


Liquid staking is a convenient method if you need to earn rewards by storing coins in a safe place. It provides an easier way to earn passive income for the traders.

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